Saturday, 7 June 2014

Amsterdam & Tulips #1

Hello everybody!
Moving on to my Easter break, traveled to Amsterdam to meet up with my family! It was my second trip there and I have yet to try what typical tourists do when they visit Amsterdam. 

So I almost missed my outward flight. Basically, I am flying from Manchester as that goes to Amsterdam and the only closest airport to Liverpool. I missed my bus to Manchester airport as I've overslept and had to buy one new ticket immediately. Thank God the bus was not full when I was purchasing it. I've managed to arrive at the airport an hour before departure. Worst thing was, upon my arrival, I was queueing up at the wrong terminal and only realized after the check-in lady and I had a little miscommunications. I had to ask around for the right terminal as clearly the check-in lady and I did not click very well. By the time I arrived at the custom gate, I was drenched in sweat and it was about half an hour before it took off. I MADE IT YAAY! 


It was the tulips season. Hello thereee!

Super beautiful <3

The trip to Amsterdam this time round was pretty chillax. Took a walk around the airport after checking into the nearby hotel. The airport is pretty much a shopping centre itself but honestly there was nothing much and everything was crazy expensive. Didi and I chose to go back to have a nap back in the hotel instead. 

Just casually sitting in a wooden clog.

The weather was pretty amazing x

After our rest, daddy's friends took us on a mini boat tour around Amsterdam. Even though that was our second boat tour but it felt different. The first time when I was there, it felt more touristy but I had more nostalgic feels this time round. It seemed like Amsterdam did not change since last summer and at that time I wanted summer so, so badly. I think the following pictures are very The Fault In Our Stars <3

This is one or maybe the only Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam. Remember this! 

Everybody is going home these days and summer has yet to arrive. It is still cold in Liverpool, cannot wait for summer to officially arrive already!! Anyhoo, more tulips to come! Have an amazing summer everybody! x

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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