Friday, 13 June 2014

Amsterdam & Sea Palace #3

Hello there! 
Remember what you all were asked to remember in the previous, previous post? Tadaaaaaa. We had our dinner here at this Chinese restaurant after our long journey back from Keukenhof! 

It looks really grand even from afar, doesn't it?

This is the view from the restaurant. I remember it being quite chilly that evening. 

... And we're here!

I really felt like a 还珠格格 when I was walking along this bridge. It really brings you back to the pre-2000 time zone. Not to mention, this restaurant is literally on the ocean. Unless you get sea sick easily, otherwise it'll be an interesting visit.

Here are the foods we've ordered

Crispy Pork Belly;

Red-braised Tofu;

Yang Chow Fried Rice;

Stir-fry Kai Lan;

Cantonese Style Beef Ho Fun;

These are just typical Chinese foods that we usually order. The foods were just alright to be honest. Nothing extra special besides the very Royal, Golden, Dragon interiors. If you get what I mean.

You probably can get such quality of foods everywhere back home. The price is just POOOOFFF *Mind blowing*. Once in a while is good enough.

Ps: If you're wondering why there are no faces in this post, that's just mainly cause we all looked really worn out. Nobody wants their ugly photo everywhere, do they? x

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x 

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