Thursday, 21 November 2013

Halloween '13

Happy Sunday everybody!
Halloween was probably a month back and it was actually my very first time celebrating it. Making the effort to dress up and carving a pumpkin. We didn't do no trick or treats though. I would absolutely love to do that someday. 

Halloween isn't a big thing back home. Maybe cause I wasn't legal to party before so I don't really bother much about it. I figured if we were to try trick or treating in our costumes, we might get drench in sweat from running around visiting houses after houses. I've carved the the eyes of the pumpkin below. It's our floor's very own pumpkin, apparently he's Italian with his curly moustache and cotton afro. 

He was a really adorable pumpkin ; 

On Halloween day itself, we all got dressed and partied all night long. We all did have a great night. I've spent quite some time on this make up. Thank goodness I was on Skype with my friend all the way from Leicester and she helped me with it ;

Pictures & pictures of us during pre-drinks ;

We've got bloody chemists, nurse & devils that night. I didn't get many clear pictures when we were out cause it was freezing cold to take any pictures & nobody remembers to take the pictures when fun takes over.

#ootn ;

Have a great week ahead! 
zhi wei x

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