Saturday, 2 November 2013

London Stop #2

Hello there!
As I'm snuggling in my duvet and on Skype Nicole, I thought I should continue my post about my visit to London (I'm so good at multi tasking). It's 2.30am and this is the exact thinking-too-much-so-I-can't-sleep time, but instead of doing that, I'm totally looking forward to my trip over to Manchester tomorrow. Manchester has so many amazing food and with one of the largest Chinatown in UK, I'm so gonna enjoy my day tomorrow. I just know it.

Alright, we all woke up pretty early the next morning as some of us had to catch trains back to the cities. We had breakfast at EAT, I love it there so much now after finding out they actually serve Matcha latte. How amazing is that?! *throws confetti*

Rise & shine! It clearly was a morning, look at our faces.

Pictures before saying our goodbyes, 
It wasn't very emotional cause we're very certain that we will see each other again sometime.

Here I was, a pumpkin spiced latte (IT'S WEIRDLY GOOD) in one hand & blasting music in my plugged-in ears, taking a tube to Leicester Square to meet my older brother. I was really excited to see him cause I've missed him so much.

He then brought me to Hare & Tortoise, it's an oriental restaurant which serves really good Asian food. The whole restaurant was packed and we were pretty lucky to get a table. Here are the foods we've ordered and shared.

Prawn noodles ;

Curry noodles ;

Salmon sushi set ;

Greetings from my brother and I, he looked really glad to see me *heart melts* ;

My ootd and my favourite Matcha latte ;

Remember to eat your breakfast & have a great Sunday!
zhi wei x

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