Saturday, 9 November 2013

Throwback Summer #5 ; Bitch day out

Hello there!
It's getting really dark outside but it's only 5 o'clock in the evening. I don't like this "shorter daytime, longer nights" saying during the winter periods. Never liked it before. I've struggled to get up this morning as I haven't been feeling very well. I actually slept at 9pm yesterday but only managed to wake up at 12 noon today. Then I took a nap at 2pm again and just woke up. I just wanna get this over with. 

My bitch brought me to Uncle Jang's for lunch when I was back home over the summer. I love the concept of this whole restaurant. They just basically throw in whatever ingredients you'd like into a really massive hot plate and the portion is too much for one pax, so do bring companions. Definitely going back again when I'm home.

RAWR, ready to eat ;

After lunch, we headed to Juice Works in Sunway Pyramid, bought a cup of juice each and chatted all the way. Not exactly all the way, we took pictures together of course. 

Love her to bits. xo

Have a great weekend people & keep warm!
zhi wei x

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