Sunday, 17 November 2013

Home is where the heart is - Pliny the Elder

As you may or may not know, I'm in university now in Liverpool, in my first year doing physiotherapy course. *Throws confetti* I'm going to be frank here, being the only international student in the whole course isn't easy. This is though, what I've always expected and wanted from the moment I've decided to step out from my comfort zone. I do not want to face the same obstacles in life and the same challenges after all these bravery to leave home.

I have made many, many great friends, especially during freshers week. As Liverpool university has only 10% of international students, I have not met many Malaysians. Having to attend courses, joining sports club and living on the same floor with a sea of local people allowed me to have most of my friends locals. I know there's a Malaysian club that I can join, but I'm always missing out on all the events and it's all cause I am always the last person to notice these events. I'm not very attentive in such situations. I promise to go to the next event. Don't get me wrong, I love them locals. They can be the most hilarious and caring people you'll ever meet. But, it does not feel like home. I miss saying Lah and mixing random languages in conversations.

It can get quite lonely sometimes when you're sick of potatoes & chickens and when you want rice with several Chinese dishes for a change, you have no one to contact. I'm staying in a catered university's hall and they serve British foods most of the time and they tried making oriental foods, which I do not like. I love British foods, I even crave for their cereals in the middle of the night. To add-on, I absolutely love that we get full English breakfast with toasts every morning. But it does not have the taste of home. I miss having Roti Canai for supper and Nasi Lemak from the roadsides for breakfasts.

I miss home but I do not regret coming here. Not a single bit.
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Sleep well everybody!
zhi wei x

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