Thursday, 14 November 2013

Itadakimasu ; Etsu

Hello there! 
I've been really, really busy lately but I think I've been slacking a whole lot too. I'm the kind of student who wishes that to learn about everything but I do not want to do work as well. So I'm neither categorized as a bad student nor a good one.

It's been a while since I've had real, proper oriental foods so I've dragged one of my friends to have Japanese with me, which was highly recommended everywhere and I LOVE IT. Just so you know, I'm currently staying in a catered university hall. It's not that their foods really suck a whole lot. Okay, maybe just a little. But hey, typical Malaysians have very high expectations on foods.

Just us on the way ;

This street performer was so amazing, it was really cold & windy and he/she managed to stay up like this without moving a single muscle ;

Welcome to Etsu! Well, I really don't mind being their spokesperson as long as I get free Japanese foods ;

Pictures & pictures of this pretty place, it was almost Halloween when we went there ;

My friend's pot of green tea looked really Japanese somehow ;

My green tea latte. You have no idea how much I loved it ;

Since my friend and I are big fans of sashimi (raw seafoods), we've ordered and shared one plate of sashimi with many varieties ;

They were all really fresh. Yummmmz.

Here are our main dishes and desserts ;

I think it's best to whoever wants to dine in at Etsu to make reservations a week in advance. I'd remember trying to make a booking two days before and was told that the restaurant was fully booked after 6 o'clock in the evening. My friend and I did went and had to finish our meals before 6pm. Just so you know, they rarely open in the afternoon or lunch times. What a strategy, business business business.

It rained when we were on our way back but we weren't drenched by the rain so its fine ;
Back to work now. Boohoo.

Have you got your moustache for Movember?
zhi wei x 

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