Monday, 25 November 2013

Cloud 23, Manchester

Hello there! I've had an amazing weekend, even though I've returned to Liverpool with three break-up news. It was really unexpected, no doubt attending university changes so many things. I personally think relationships are really hard, I still do not think I can manage it well with so many things going on with my life now. 

I've paid a visit to Manchester the other weekend for afternoon tea at Cloud 23 with my brother and his girlfriend. We were pretty lucky as it was a really lovely day despite the strong wind. We're at up north now, I don't think I should be expecting lovely weathers everyday. Cloud 23 is similar to Thirty8 in Grand Hyatt in the sense that Thirty8 is on the 38th floor and this is on the 23rd.

We've ordered three different types of teas, 

And this came along with our cool-looking teapots. This thing is pretty cool, I shall name this the tea infuser timer. Basically, the tea infuser timer times how long different teas should infuse so that we can drink our teas at its best.

We've ordered the Traditional Afternoon Tea set as we were one week too early for the Christmas Afternoon Tea set, which we wanted to order initially. They have many other different sets, such as the Champagne and Wicked tea sets. 

For some reason, you'll never miss this building in Manchester. It's a real tall building in the most awkward but unique position. The view from such high up is just breathtaking. We were there from late noon till evening. Just in time to watch the sun sets.

Simply amazing.


This restaurant would look really familiar to some of you Malaysians out there. We went to Pearl City for dinner after tea 'cause I was craving for their salted egg soft shell crab. It's a must-try if you ever dine there. Apparently if you're a member of Malaysian society in University of Manchester, you'll get great discounts.

Here are our dishes ;

Have a great week ahead everybody! 
zhi wei x

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