Wednesday, 6 November 2013

London Stop #3

Hello there!
Have you ever wonder how does it feels like to go to Disneyland? The magical moments: strolling down Mickey Mouse's streets buying Disney's souvenirs, staring at the princesses' castles standing high up reaching for the sky, having animated shaped meals in Buzz Lightyear's rockets. I would want that feeling again & I did when my brother brought me to..


It may be different but it was still magical & the best thing is, it is filled with CHOCOLATES. My bitch must be giving this post the disgusted look now. HAHA. And yes, the M&M's are doing the famous Beetle's album cover move. This amazing place is about 4/5 floors, it is absolutely massive. It is always packed and filled with happy children. Also, there is this amazing scanner that scans what color & type of M&M's are you at the very bottom floor. 

Here's me scanning ;
And.. This was what they said about me ;

Here are the adorable M&M's around the place.

Absolute greatness of M&M's ;

One of the amazing thing you can do there is to customize any M&M's color combination into a few selections of boxes according to your liking. I did one and my name appeared on the M&M's lab screen;

Here's mine. It's a pumpkin shaped box with my favorite colors, even though it appeared a little weird but I'm gonna give it unconditioned love (They are still chocolates) ;

Snapped this really quickly before leaving the place. Lost both my rail card & train tickets when I was in the train station and I had to get new tickets on the spot. Boohoo. I figured I would be much more depressed than I was, but I was surprisingly pretty chilled so was my brother. He gave me the you-are-proven-stupid look though. HAHA.

I still can't decide whether I enjoy having long train journey.

Have a great day ahead! Can't wait for dinner soon.
zhi wei x

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